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      Rush Green Carpet Cleaning delivered a great rug cleaning service for my elderly mum. She didn't have a lot of spare cash and had some stains on her rugs so we hired this company to help. They did a great job at a reasonable cost. The cleaners made a lovely job of the rugs, and afterwards all of the stains and dirt were gone. The rugs looked lovely and bright, and mum was pleased. Thank you!
Irene Anderson14/07/2015
     In all honesty, I would have expected a mediocre service from RushGreenCarpetCleaners because they asked for a smaller fee than the rest of the professional cleaners. However when I hired them the first time for my house cleaning I discovered that they are actually quite the opposite. They go above and beyond to make sure you're happy with their service and for this reason I would hire them any moment of the day or night!
Christy 17/03/2015
     I am so glad I took my friend up on the offer to hire RushGreenCarpetCleaners for my home cleaning. They are definitely the best cleaning team I have come across. They do everything in a timely fashion, are dedicated and hardworking, clean thoroughly and do not shirk responsibility. I haven't yet have had any reason to complain about anything when it comes to their quality of work. Hiring them was definitely a very good move!
     This company has really helped me with my home cleaning problems. My cleaner uses great cleaning tools and products that aren't toxic, she works efficiently, the cost of the service is cheap and the cleaning service itself is flawless. Very impressive, thanks RushGreenCarpetCleaners!
     Our office is really busy with quite a lot of us working long hours in a small space so it gets very messy very quickly and we do not have the time to clean it ourselves. We use RushGreenCarpetCleaners because they have a great local reputation, lower prices than many of their rivals and have been providing us with cleaners who do the best office cleaning job I have personally ever witnessed. They are simply the best and I would not think twice about recommending them to other businesses and homeowners!
Stephen Y.09/10/2014
     Getting a professional to do the cleaning is a lot easier and simpler than I thought it would be. Way easier than doing it yourself, that's for sure! My granddad mentioned RushGreenCarpetCleaners to me a few times, and told me that they do a great job, and they really do. They were only around for a couple of hours and my home looks awesome! Better than it ever has since I've been living here! I will definitely pass on my granddad's advice here - if you're looking to take a cleaning week off, then this company's the one to look at!
     When I hired this cleaning company, the main room I wanted done in my home was the dining room because I was hosting a dinner party and wanted it to look at its best. However, I also needed some work done in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom. I was very pleased with the work done in all the rooms and in particular my dining room which a number of my guests remarked on how good it was looking which made my day and it meant the money I spent with RushGreenCarpetCleaners was money well spent. Many thanks for the hard work done.
     You cannot know how useful it is to have a night time cleaning team to come in and sort this place out. We have so many guests come through the place that it gets really messy and dirty really quickly, and we have to be cleaning the whole building every twenty four hours, to ensure that all looks its best, as has come to be expected of the place. RushGreenCarpetCleaners have been a solid and consistent addition to the cleaning team here, and we look forward to many more happy years with them in service.
Earl R.31/07/2014
     You can't beat a decent professional clean when you come in form the cold; it just warms you right up, and I have found that the best clean that I have ever had is from RushGreenCarpetCleaners. They were excellent in ensuring that our things were left in place whilst also getting the place incredibly clean. Nothing goes missing, everyone knows where everything is, but it's spotless, perfect! I will certainly be using them again and again, and would recommend that everyone else do as well!
Ruby Mitchell14/05/2014
     I am never home long enough to give it a good clean. My sister recommended that I hire RushGreenCarpetCleaners to come clean my house, since she had been using their services for several months. I gave them a call and they were eager to help me out. After picking the perfect day and time to come, they came and did what they had to do. They really did a smashing job. The counters were clean, tiles were grease free, bathroom suite was gleaming white and the floors were spotless. I could never have thought in a million years that a stranger could clean my house better than me.
Bradley F.28/03/2014

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